Comic Touch Lite App for iPad 2comic-icon.png

Description: Comic Touch Lite is the free version of the Comic Touch App. This app can be used to add word bubbles and titles to pictures and Images that you have in your photo library or that you take with your camera.

Steps to Begin Using Comic Touch Lite:comic-addphoto2.png
  • Download the Comic Touch Lite App for your device: OR iTunes:
  • Open the “Comic Touch” App on your device. (you may be prompted to purchase the full version--simply tap OK after viewing the message)
  • Begin by taking a picture or selecting one in your library by tapping the icon in the top left corner. 
(it looks like a head with a plus sign--see at right) comic-trash.png
  • Add the caption or thought/word bubbles along the bottom by tapping them once. (you may have to touch the image to see the menu options) Once the caption/bubbles are added, drag to place them & double tap to add your text.
  • Once you have your image labeled & finished, tap the envelope icon comic-envelope.png
    in the top menubar (again you may have to touch the image to see the menubar) to share your image to your photo library or e-mail the image to yourself or others

Lesson Idea & Procedures:
  • Students will use their iPads to illustrate the meaning of a word. Images could then be “shared out” as a .pdf or eBook so that everyone had a visual image for the vocabulary words in math, science, social studies or language arts.
  • Students should download the Comic Touch Lite app or use a device with the app downloaded.
  • Students will be assigned one of the following vocabulary words: camouflage, hieroglyphic, mosaic, vertebrate, yacht, silhouette 

    Source: 100 Words Every High School Freshmen Should Know,Houghton Mifflincomic-camo.png
  • Students will use the Safari App to find an image they think illustrates the word and save the image to their photo library /photo roll.
  • Students will open Comic Touch Lite and tap the add image icon and select the picture they added to their photo library in Safari.
  • Students will use the caption box to add:
    • Their name
    • Their assigned word
    • The definition
    • When finished adding the captions (and any word bubbles they would like), students will e-mail the image to their teacher using the mail icon:

  • Now that you have completed this activity, brain storm other ways that you might use Comic Touch Lite in the curriculum.
  • “How could you adapt this activity to work with your students in your subject area or grade?”

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