Doodle Buddydoodle-buddy-icon.png

Description: Doodle Buddy is a free app that allows the user to draw, doodle, sketch, brainstorm ideas, etc. Older students like the app for quick brainstorming sessions and younger students like using the tool as a drawing tool.

Steps to Begin Using Doodle Buddydoodle-buddytools-png.png
  • Download the Doodle Buddy App for your device if it is not preloaded by your district:
  • If asked to turn on "Push Notifications" click "Don't Allow"
  • Advertising Pop-Ups may appear if they do, click "Continue" (this is one of the draw backs of free apps :)
  • Click on the 2X in the lower right corner to enlarge the iPod app to iPad size OR if you have the larger iPad version you can skip this step.
  • Begin drawing using the tools in the tray: Chalk, Stamps, Stencils, Text, etc.
  • When you have finished your drawing/doodle, use the wrench in the lower right corner to save the image to the photo album or to e-mail the image to your teacher.

Lesson Idea & Procedures:doodle-buddy-sample.png
  • Students will use their iPads to create an idea web for a story.
    • Open Doodle Buddy
    • Select the chalk tool to pick color, line width and tool to create the circle for your idea web.
    • Practice using the text tool, stamp tool and drawing tool to create an idea web for a new story. Your story must include a title, characters, setting and a problem. (an example is located at right).

  • Students will use Doodle & their iPads to label the parts of a cell.
    • Open Doodle Buddy
    • Select the background image of an "unlabeled plant cell". If you do not have an image of an unlabeled plant cell on your iPad, here is a link to one that can be saved to the camera roll and then loaded as a background image. (7th icon across the bottom)
    • Students will use the tools to label the parts of the plant cell and then e-mail them to their teacher.

  • Now that you have completed these two activities, brain storm other ways that you might use Doodle Buddy in the curriculum.
  • “How could you adapt this activity to work with your students in your subject area or grade?”

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