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Background Information: Educreations is the free app that allows users to create a whiteboard screen capture with audio and animations. One of the great features of Educreations is the ability to pre-load multiple screens of information that can be recorded as they are drawn upon or illustrated using the inking tools. Audio is also captures so teachers can explain a lesson as they teach and walk through the slides.

Link to the Educreations App: downloading)

Steps to Begin Using the Educreations App:Educreations-tools.jpg

Step #1: Download the Educreations App on your device using the link above.

Step #2: Open "Educreations" on your device.

Step #3: Create any slides you want to use for your lesson with the + icon in the lower left corner
  • Add images, text or drawings
  • Images can be pictures you take with the camera on ones from your camera roll
  • the "hand" tool will let you free draw on the screen

Step #4: To record, tap the "REC" button in the top right corner

Step #5: Begin recording with audio (talk as you work) and move from slide to slide to teach your lesson and draw on your slides.

Step #6: Tap the "DONE" button in the top left corner when you have completed your lesson (or want to start over).

Step #7: Tap "SAVE LESSON" from the drop down menu and give the video a title and description. You will prompted to select your audience for the video--public, private, students, school. (for demo use public)

Step #8: Save your lesson and your video and it will now appear on the video shelf. You can now tap the video to view, share with others via Facebook, Twitter or email. A URL link is also provided (top right corner of the finished video)

Classroom Ideas:
  • Explain steps to solve a math problem. Have students create slides and add audio to walk through the steps to solve a math problem.
  • Label the parts of a book, flower, plant cell, skeleton, etc. Load up pictures (or take them with the camera) and then have students record their voice and pencil labels by creating an Educreations video.
  • Finding Shapes: have students take a picture in the classroom and then label the right angles, obtuse angles, acute angles, etc. in the picture. Have them include audio explaining how they identified the angles or asking questions.