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Links to Scan App & Handout:

Description: Scan is an iOS app that reads QR Codes. QR Stands for "Quick Reference" and if you haven't been exposed to QR Codes and how they can be used in the classroom you are missing out. This page on the wiki will give a brief overview on how to Scan QR Codes with your iPad and how to create a QR Code for use in the classroom.student-scan2.jpg

Why Use QR Codes: QR codes are a popular way to convert data like website addresses, links to video and audio clips, text, etc into a form that can be easily scanned. Once scanned with the camera on the iPad/iPod, the information, links, etc. are available on the device until the user decides to delete the information. The scan is as quick as taking a picture. For example, students can have the camera on their iPad/iPod scan a QR code from a poster in the classroom, on the corner of a flash card to reveal the answer, on the inside flap of a book for a book review, etc.

Steps To Get Started:papioqrstory.png
  1. Download the SCAN app directly to your device or download it using iTunes.
  2. Once you have SCAN on your device, open it.
  3. You will notice that SCAN looks very much like the Camera App with one exception--it has a frame bracket that you will want to use in lining up the QR code for scanning. You will want to use your back camera.
  4. The web page (an article on the city of Papillion using QR Codes) should open in SCAN.
  5. Use the icons in SCAN to open the page in Safari, view the history,

Activities and Ideas for Using SCAN in the Classroom:
  • Activity #1 Scan QR Codes Using the Scan App: In this activity you will learn more about QR Codes and how they are being used in education.
    1. Download and Open the SCAN App on your iPad 2scan-brackets.png
    2. Scan each of the three QR Codes at this link Line up the QR code for scanning by using the brackets--it seems to work best if you put the QR code in the center of the brackets (see the image on the right)
    3. The QR Code (depending on the one you scan) will either take you to the link to an web site, a text statement or a YouTube Video file. The history button in the app will allow you to revisit any of the links you navigated to with the QR Code.
    4. Tap the Scan button to scan another code.

  • Activity #2 QR Codes & Vocabulary:In this activity you will experience an activity where you learn the meaning of vocabulary words using QR Codenotes-app.png
    1. Turn on your iPad/iPod and open the Notes App: see the icon at right or run a search to locate the Notes app.
    2. Start a new page: Tap the + icon in the top right corner to add a new page.
    3. Label the page: Tap the newly created page and type “Prefixes” on the page using the onscreen keyboard.
    4. Type the prefixes: Continue using the onscreen keyboard to type the following prefixes--each on a new line (use the enter/return key)
        • Counter-take-notes.png
        • Dys-
        • Ante-
        • Inter-
      *use this page to take notes on the definitions at this station (see at right)
    5. Quick Access the Suspended Scan App: Double click the home button to return to your suspended Scan app—you will see the icon at the bottom
    6. Prefix Link: Navigate to each of the links below and read the directions for the task and SCAN the QR code. Make sure you complete the entire task reading all the way to the bottom:
    7. Quick Access Your Notes: Double click the home button to access your suspended notes app. After completing each card, add the definition of the prefix to your vocabulary page in the Notes App on your iPad.**

  • Activity #3 Creating a QR Code: In this activity you will learn how to create a QR Code using a web site. Turn on your iPad/iPod and open Safari:
    1. Navigate to the QR Code Generator web site:
    2. Create a Text Code with Contact Information or Your Schedule:
      • Once you arrive at the QR Code Generator Site, tap the radio button next to “TEXT”
      • Type your contact information (or schedule) in the 250 character text box
    3. Generate the Code & Save the Image
      • Click the “Generate” button
      • Tap and hold on the image to save it to your photo library.

Ideas on Using QR Codes in the Classroom