Background Information: Animoto is the free app that allows users to create video creations using pictures, movie files and text. Educators can receive a plus version of the app by using the education link at the bottom of the page on the Animoto web site:

Steps to Begin Using the Animoto App:

Step #1: Download the Animoto App on your device from the following web site:

Step #2: Open the “Animoto” app on your device and tap "Create Video" in the center of the screen.

Step #3: Open "Video Tools" at the bottom of the screen and you can add photos and text along with different styles and songs. 
  • To Add Images/Pictures: select images from your "Photo Library Camera Roll" or take a photo using the built-in camera.
  • Once you have all the images you want included, drag the images until they are in the correct order.
  • Tap individual images to spotlight or rotate them. (you can also duplicate and delete)
  • Select a style and sound track for your movie

Step #4: To view your project, tap "Preview" in the top right corner. you can continue editing or add a title and finish up the project.

Step #5: Tap the Share Button to share via e-mail, text, Facebook or Twitter--you can also same it to your camera roll for viewing at any time.

Classroom Ideas:
  • Create a video for a Golden Sower book of our choice. Students will create a short "book trailer" for one of the Golden Sower books that includes a picture of the books and 5 other images (of their choosing) that helps tell the plot line of the book without revealing the entire story. Include the following: the author, the book title, background music, text, and 5 images. The movie should be no longer than 2 minutes in lengths--get your audience interested in the book. Here is an example:
  • Create a video poem reading. Students will use the words from their poem along with images to illustrate and set the mood for the poem. Background music can be added but it should enhance the poem.

Follow-up: How might you use Animoto in your classroom?