Bump Appbumpicon.jpg

Background Information: Bump is the free app that allows devices to share pictures and contact information by simply tapping devices.

Steps to Begin Using Bump:bump_black.jpg
Step #1: Download the Bump App run a search in iTunes) Notice the icon at the top of this page.
Step #2: Turn on your iPad and open the Bump App.
  • You may be prompted to add information about yourselfdo this.
  • You will be prompted to share your location--YES Make sure you are on the wireless network (Bump uses this to communicate)

Step #3: Share Your Contact Information--Once you finish editing your contact card, bump your devices lightly—a prompt will let you know of connections problems or you can connect or cancel the bump.bumpcontact.png
Step #4: Tap the 2nd of the three dots at the bottom in the middle of the screen and try bumping a picture.

  • Students will use their iPads to share pictures that illustrate math terms.
  • Students will be given a regular polygon or an angle: trapezoid, octagon, obtuse angle, rt angle, acute angle, hexagon, etc.
  • Students will use Safari to find pictures that illustrate/represent the math term they have been assigned.
  • Students will “bump” their pictures to each other creating a collection of math pictures that they will use with another app (Skitch) to label the objects with the correct math term.bump-picture.jpg

Nebraska Standards Addressed:
4.4.1 By the end of fourth grade, students will identify, describe, and create two- and three-dimensional geometric shapes. 

4.4.2 By the end of fourth grade, students will identify and draw points, lines, line segments, rays, and angles.