Dragon Dictate App for iPad 2dragon-app.png

Description: Dragon Dictation is an app that allows the user to dictate and uses voice recognition to translate the spoken word to text that is available instantly for copying, pasting, e-mailing, etc. Network connectivity is required for Dragon to work.

Steps to Begin Using Dragon Dictation:dragon-redbutton.png
  • Download the Dragon App for your device (see links above)
  • Open the "Dragon App" When opening the app for the first time it lets the user know that it will be using a location (YES) and asks to access contacts (NO). Make sure the device is on a network/WIFI or the app will not work.
  • Touch the red “Tap and dictate” button and speak clearly into the iPad’s microphone dictating information that will be converted to text--this could be the text to an e-mail message, a text message, the ideas for a paper being written, etc. Tap the screen once again to stop recording.
  • The translated text from the dictation will appear on the device’s screen. Tap the “keyboard icon” located a the bottom center of the screen to edit the text using the keyboard.dragon-keyboard2.png
  • Send/Copy/Paste the text to the desired location.** The icon in the top right corner will allow the user to select from the following actions for the dictated text: email it, cut the passage, copy it, or send to Facebook or Twitter.

                • Best Practice Use: Students who are challenged with typing or handwriting use this app to capture their ideas and dictate their “writings.”

                • Students will use their mobile devices to reflect and summarize their understanding of a lesson or idea.
                • Students download the Dragon App (available for iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod) or use a device with the app downloaded.dragon-site.png
                • Students will complete an activity using prefixes. For this example, navigate to the following web site: http://bit.ly/ben-prefixes and complete the short activity working on the prefix re- and dis- (target grade is 3rd grade) to learn how adding the prefixes re- and dis- change the meaning of the word.

                • Students will open Dragon and begin recording by tapping the red button and saying their name and then sharing the meaning of the two prefixes (re- & dis-) by tapping the red button. It is a good idea to have them give a couple of examples. The app will have trouble with a few words probably the prefix re- but that is OK, students will fix it in the next step.

                • Students will use the keyboard editing feature in Dragon to edit their recorded text. Tap the keyboard icon at the bottom/center of the screen to begin editing. 

                • Once students are finished editing their text, use the “send to” icon in the top right corner to e-mail their text to their teacher: pkrambeck@esu3.org (provide email address)

Follow-up: Ramping up or down--this activity could be used with existing reading material or texts to check for understanding or summarizing. The on-line activity was used because everyone had access to the activity on their iPads. (we didn’t have texts) 

Standards Addressed: LA 3.3.2.d Listen to, summarize and interpret message and purpose of information being communicated