EasyQR AppEasyqr.png

Background Information: Easy QR is the free app that is used to read and generate QR codes--those black and white square codes that you are beginning to see everywhere. (see at right)

Steps to Begin Using EasyQR

Step #1: Download and Open the Easy QR app on your iPad

Step #2: Turn on your iPad and open the EasyQR App.
Step #3: Tap the Scan button along the left side to scan a QR Code: line up the QR code you want to scan by using the thin white lines--it seems to work best if you put the QR code in the center of the square (see the image on the right)

Step #4: The QR Code (depending on the one you scan) will either display text or display a web site address to visit--use the
Visit button in lower right corner of the app to navigate to the web address.

Step #5: The Back button in the app will allow you to return to the main menu.

Step #6: The History button in the app will allow you to revisit any of the links you navigated to with the QR Code

Step #7: Continue scanning until you have scanned all of the QR Codes you would like.

  • Use Kaywa QR Code Generator to create QR codes for the answer to your "problem of the day" that will be posted in the front of the room.
  • Students will solve the problem of the day and then check their answers by scanning the QR code that is posted on the back side of the problem of the day.
  • Other ideas: generate QR codes for the prices of items in a math shopping bag and then have students solve a math problem using the scanned codes that reveal prices.

Nebraska Math Standards Addressed:
  • MA 6.1.2 Operations: Students will demonstrate the meaning of arithmetic operations