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Background Information: Good Notes is the free app that allows users to take notes by using a finger or stylus on the glass surface of the iPad. There are a number of note taking tools on the iPad but Good Notes has a unique feature that allows the user to rest their palm on the glass if needed along with enlarging an area of the screen that is displayed near the bottom of the display for writing. The ability to add a .pdf and make notations on the document for saving and e-mailing is one of my favorite features of this app. Good-Notes-draw.png

Good Notes works great as a note-taking and organizing tool. Each “note page" is added to a notebook or the user can create a new notebook if desired. The free version only allows for 2-3 notebooks.

Steps to Begin Using Good Note:

Step #1: Download the Good Notes App: Notice the icon at the top of this page.

Step #2: Turn on your iPad and open the Good Note App or on your computer.

Step #3: Create a new notebook (free version limits how many notebooks you can have--users will export the notebook when done and then delete it as needed)

Step #4: Use this "getting started guide" from Good Notes to become familiar with the tools.

  • The eyeglass tool allows you to move around on the page without drawing.
  • The pencil tool allows you to free draw
  • The eraser tool allows you to erase writing
  • The pencil tool with the rectangle allows you to zoom in and write anywhere on the screen
  • Different page backgrounds can be added (some are in app purchases)

Classroom Ideas for Use:

  • Students will use their iPads to take notes using the Cornell note taking method (vertical line along the left to divide the page with main ideas left of the line and supporting statements to the right of the line)
  • Students will load a .pdf of a map from their social studies book and add annotations on the map marking the route of the explorers of the new world.
  • Students will use a .pdf of the scoring rubric for their 6-trait writing to self assess their writing. The same rubric will be used to peer review one other piece of writing.