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Background Information: Image to Text is the free app from Ricoh (the same people who make copiers). This app can be used to convert a picture of a page to editable text that can be used in other apps.

Img to Text Handout in .pdf Format: IMG to Text App.pdf

Steps to Begin Using Image To Text:

Step #1: Download the IMG toText App at (link to iTunes on the site or run a search in iTunes)

Step #2: Open the “IMG to Text” app on your device.

Step #3: Select ‘Take a Picture” and the app resemble the built in camera where you will line up the page you want to capture and snap the picture. 

Step #4: Send the captured text to your e-mail address OR to Evernote if you have an account.

Step #5: Open your e-mail account (or Evernote) and you will find a message from IMGtoText that contains the editable text and a picture of the text. (it takes a minute or so to hit your box)

  • Students will use their iPads to take pictures of passages from “If you’re not from the prairie....” to use when working on descriptive writing and adjectives. Students should download the Image to Text app or use a device with the app downloaded.img-text-lineup.jpg
  • Students will be assigned a page from the book “If you’re not from the prairie....” to use as model text for descriptive writing and the use of adjectives.
  • Students will use the IMG to Text app to take a picture of the assigned page/ passage to convert to text. This is the passage that they will use for a writing prompt. They should mail the passage to themselves.
  • Students will copy and paste the text from their e-mail to Notes. (or another app that allows editing) Once the text is pasted, they will edit the text and change the text to something appropriate for where they live. For example the text, “If you’re not from the prairie, you don’t know the sun, you can’t know the sun.” might become, “If you’re not from the desert you don’t know the sun, a sun that warms your skin and evaporates the dew from the sandy soil at your feet.”
  • Students will add: When finished students will e-mail the passage to their teacher using the mail icon:
    • Their name
    • Their assigned pageimg-text-send.jpg
    • The original passage from the book and their descriptive writing using adjectives that model the assigned text (see step 3 above)

Follow-up: Now that you have completed this activity, brain storm other ways that you might use IMG to TEXT in the curriculum.
“How could you adapt this activity to work with your students in your subject area or grade?”