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Background Information: Screen Comp is the free app that works very much like an online whiteboard. One of the great features of this app is the ability to record the writing on the board.

Steps to Begin Using Screen Chompscreen chomp nav.png

Step #1: Download the Screen Chomp App or run a search in iTunes) Notice the icon at the top of this page.

Step #2: Turn on your iPad and open the Screen Chomp App.

Step #3: Write anything you want to appear on the board using the markers and tools across the bottom of the screen.

Step #4: Click the "REC" button in the lower right corner to record yourself and what is happening on the screen.

Step #5: When you are finished recording, click the White Square in the lower right corner to stop recording.

Step #6: You will see your video played back. In the upper part of the vieo you will see a date and time--click in the box and type your name and title. See the example below.
Step #7: Click the button in the lower right hand corner that says "" and this will take you back to start another screen capture and upload your video to your device. Note you can view this video later by clicking the view screens icon in the upper left corner.

Procedure:screenchomp example.png**
  • Students will use their iPads and screen chomp to solve a math problem and show their work
  • Students will be open Screen Chomp and write the math problem with the red marker.
  • Students will click the "REC" button in the lower right corner and record themselves solving the math problem. The solution will be done with another colored pen (Green or Blue record well)
  • Students will narrate and describe what they are doing as they solve the problem.
  • Students will click the white square button in the lower right corner to stop recording and then save the video clip on screen chop with their first and last name and the problem assigned.

Nebraska Math Standards Addressed:

  • MA 6.1.2 Operations: Students will demonstrate the meaning of arithmetic operations with positive fraction and decimals.
  • MA 6.1.2.a Use drawings, words, and symbols to explain the meaning of addition and subtraction of fractions.