Scribble Press App for iPadscribble-logo.jpg

Description: Scribble Press is the free app that allows users to create an iBook/digital book on their iPad. Scribble press is simple for students to use allowing them to draw pictures or place pictures from their film roll on the pages of their book along with text. There are limitations on text, fonts, etc--what you see is what you get, but for creating simple epublications on the iPad it works well.

Steps to Begin Using Scribble Pressscribble-new.png

  • Step #1: Download the Scribble Press App for your device:

  • Step #2: Open the “Scribble Press” App from your device and select “New Book.” (see at right)

  • Step #3: The tools for the page are located across the bottom (see below/at right for details) for adding content to the pages of your book/publication.scribble-tools.png

  • Step #4: Once you have added your content, clip art and images, you are ready to publish your eBook. Click the “I’m Finished” button in the top right corner.


  • Step #5: Four Options are available once you finish your book: Edit, Send to iBooks, Share, Order or Remove. If you plan to share you publication a “sharing policy” (see at right) agreement must be authorized. Sending to iBooks and sharing allow students and parents to view the publication on an eReader or iBook.scribble-publish.png

Scribble Press Lesson Idea:

Students will create an electronic/digital book to describe the planets in the solar system.

  • Step #1: Students download the Scribble Press App or use a device with the app loaded.
  • Step #2: Students will open Scribble Press and add a new page for each of the planets.
  • Step #3: On each page they will put the planet name, a picture that they draw or place from the camera roll, and list the characteristics of each planet.
  • Step #4: Students will make a cover that includes their name, class hour, and a title for their book.
  • Step #5: Once students are finished with their books they will share their books with their teacher and after approval in the iBook store. Students will e-mail their book to their teacher: (provide email address)

Follow-up: This app could be used for creating review publications, student portfolios, reflection journals, or reports on a variety of topics.

Standards Addressed: Nebraska Science Standards: SC8.4.1.a describe the components of the solar system (the Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets)