Skitch-app.pngSkitch App for iPad 2

Link to the App in the iTunes Store:

Skitch Handout in .pdf: Skitch App.pdf

Description: Skitch is an app that allows the user to annotate photos, camera images, screenshots, web pages, maps or it allows you to draw on a blank page. Think of a coach drawing up plays, a teacher labeling the parts of a cell, circling the right angles in a picture.....

Steps to Begin Using Skitch:Skitch-choices.png
  • Download the Skitch App for your device: OR iTunes:

  • Open the “Skitch” App from your device and select one of the following items to annotate: Photo, Camera (take a pic), Screenshot, Web, Map, or Blank Page. (see at right)

  • Once you have the item you would like to annotate open, use the tools located along the left side to begin annotating. See the tools below for assistance annotating your image.

skitch-tool1.png skitch-tool3.pngskitch-tools4.png

  • Once you have added the annotations, the finished image 

may be shared in the following ways: to Evernote, via Airplay, Twitter, email, saved to the camera roll.

Best Practice Use: Students and teachers could use this app for labeling, providing feedback, checking for understanding, drawing on maps, highlighting important information on a web page, etc.

Lesson Idea & Procedures:

Students will use their mobile devices to label the parts of a flower including: pistil, stamen, petal, stem, filament, ovary, anther, sepal, and receptacle
  1. Students download the Skitch App (available for iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod) or use a device with the app downloaded.
  2. Students will open Skitch and use the web feature to find a picture of a flower (not clip art) or they may use the camera option to take a picture of a flower.
  3. Students will use the annotation features in Skitch to label the parts of the flower. Students may use any of the annotation tools.
  4. Once students are finished annotating the image, they should save the picture to their camera roll for review and ALSO 
e-mail their image to their teacher: (provide email address)

Follow-up: This app could be used for any labeling or annotating activity.

Standards Addressed: SC2.3.1.c Identify external parts of plants and animals

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